An Expanded Vision

Gestalt Theapy is a unique process used to affct transformation and growth.

Founded 40 years ago, Gestalt Therapy focuses on the immediate present, the "how" and "now" of our experience.

Through a natural process of unfoldment, you gradually and spontaneously recognize emotional blocks. Learning how to relase these resistances brings you to a place of wholeness essential for healing.




The curriculum, both didactic and experiential, has been designed exclusively for health acare professionals: Social Workers, special education teachers, counselors, therapists, body workers, nurses, doctors, and others in human services.

The curriculum includes:
Theory & history of Gestalt Therapy
Practical application of Gestalt techniques
Group intervention
Language awareness
Dream work
"Heart Seat" work
Body awareness & emotional translation
Breath and body work

During the training students are required to practice their skills on clients and on each another. Vido traping of the training and feedback from the faciliator and class alllows the students to see their progress as well as resistance to contact. These powerfull techniques are used throughout the training.

Prior to enrollemnt you may explore your interest in a private interview with Dolly Schulman. For appointment, call: